Q: What is your Current Lead Time for Custom Built Firearms? 

A: Lead times are always subject to change due to parts availability, but we’re currently estimating 6-8 months for all custom builds. 

Q: What gunsmithing services does Rifle Dynamics offer?

 A: The Premier Gunsmithing Services we offer are the Arsenal, Kalashnikov-USA, and Palmetto State Armory Upgrade Packages. For more information on these packages, click the “Gunsmithing Work” link. 

Q: Do you ever have Firearms in Stock

A: Since our firearms are custom built to the customer’s specifications, they are made to order. We do occasionally have rifles/pistols that are ready to ship due primarily to cancellations, and they will be listed under "In Stock Firearms". As a company, we are looking to offer more in-stock options in the future, and we will be stocking more firearms than ever before during this calendar year. To acquire or learn more about the in stock offers,  be sure to watch the In Stock page for updates.

Q: Can you convert my Rifle Dynamics or Arsenal Rifle into an SBR for me?

 A: We can absolutely help with this! There are 2 ways to go about it:

 1.) You can submit a Form 1 with the ATF, receive your approval and stamp, engrave the receiver with the necessary NFA markings, and remove 1” from the barrel. From there we are able to take on any further work required, such as a front-end conversion. 

2.) You can send in your rifle (after contacting us first). We will perform the necessary work,  including the NFA engraving. We will then send the gun to the FFL of your choice. Once your FFL receives the firearm, you can submit a Form 4. Once you receive your approved Form 4, the gun is yours! 

Q: Can I come to the shop and check out Rifle Dynamics?

A: We do not have a retail storefront that is open to the public. We do, however, offer custom build classes where customers are invited into our classroom for a full weekend of instruction, that ends with their very own self-built custom Rifle Dynamics firearm. 

Q: Can Rifle Dynamics act as my FFL?

A: No. Please do not transfer any guns to our FFL prior to contacting us. Your item will be turned away and you will not be reimbursed for any associated fees.

Q: I am a Las Vegas Local. Can I come pick up my gun in person?

A: Please contact us if this is the case. This scenario will be addressed on a person-to-person basis.

 Q: How are your barrels made?

 A: All of our barrels are Button Cut and Nitrided. The current Twist Rate on our barrels is 1 in 9.45”. They all come standard with an 11 degree Crown

Q: Are your Barrels Concentric? 

 A: While concentricity is not the only factor to accuracy, we offer the best in quality to control by employing Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)

Q: What thread pitch are your barrels cut to?

 A: All of our barrels are cut to ½ x 28RH. 

Q: I don’t see the muzzle device I would like installed on the website. Can I send in my own muzzle device?

A: Yes! All barrels are cut to ½ x 28, so please make sure your muzzle device is in this thread pitch. If it is a smaller bore muzzle device, Rifle Dynamics has the capability to bore that device out to .30 cal. For more information about sending us your own muzzle device, contact us at info@rifledynamics.com.

Q: Are you able to build my parts kit gun?

 A: Rifle Dynamics is focusing further into production builds. As a result, we are unable to take on parts kits, imported firearms, or RD Upgrades beyond Arsenal, K-USA and PSA. We recommend our friends over at Mesa Kinetic Research, CW Gunworks, and M13 Industries for assistance with your parts kit project.

Q: I purchased an Arsenal Upgrade, but haven’t received an email with shipping instructions. When can I expect additional information?

 A: Orders are worked on in the order they are received, so please be patient as we will get to your order shortly. In the meantime, if you would like to ship your item for an Arsenal Upgrade, below are the shipping address and instructions. 

1. Please include the following items in your package:

  • Copy of current/valid driver's license
  • NFA Forms (if applicable)
  • Copy of your Rifle Dynamics online order or invoice
  • FFL/SOT copies (if your dealer will be managing shipping + receiving)

2. Please remove all optics, white lights, wooden accessories (if applicable), and mounts prior to shipping.

  • Any additional parts sent in without notation of installation on the invoice will be returned as is.

3. Pack the firearm/accessories in a cardboard box with foam, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or any appropriate material to protect it from damage. Cover the muzzle/end of the barrel, charging handle, and any other projecting parts sticking out. Any damage claims are the responsibility of the shipper. You will be notified of any damage (if any was incurred) when we receive the package.

4. Use Fedex or UPS Ground to ship your package. Always request “21+/ Adult Signature Required” and insurance on the package with the carrier in case of loss or damage.

5. Please do not send your firearm in a hard or soft case! These use valuable storage space in our shop and we will not guarantee you will get the case back. If you are sending a disposable case please include a note with your package so that we can dispose of it.

6. Ship to: 

R Dynamics
Attn: Ben 

3855 E Patrick Ln.,#160 

Las Vegas, NV 89120


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

(702) 860-7774 / info@rifledynamics.com