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New RD Logo Sticker Set

Be the coolest guy (or gal) at the range with your ballistics notebook covered in RD stickers. Includes: 2 Large Warrior Angel Stickers 2 Black Warrior Angel / RD Stickers 2 White Warrior Angel / RD / Rifle Dynamics Stickers

Warrior Angel Patch

This finely crafted PVC patch comes in two colors, Red/Black and Subdued. Measures 2"x2.5"

Warrior Angel Stickers

In a range full of mags, ear pro, phones, and range boxes how do you differentiate yours from the rest? Put our angel on it! We've finally created a set of stickers that you can and will literally put everywhere and on everything! Our favorite use for...
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Russian Nesting Doll Patch

Bringing back the AK weilding Nesting Doll in all her glory but now availble in a PVC Patch! And remember comrad, don't stare into her cold dead eyes...  Our little Russian friend is wearing a red Babushka scarf and OD green and red traditional...

Spongegop Patch

"He lives in a potato under the sea, consists of vodka and porous is he! If gold chains & adidas are something you wish, then drop that hard bass and squat like he sits! Ready?! Spongegop Squarepants! Spongegop Squarepants! Spongegop Squarepants!...

Red Oktober Event Shirt

Not able to make it out to Red Oktober this year? Fortunately we have a few shirts left over to commemorate the event! To go along with the Space Race theme of this year's event, we designed the logo to be reminiscent of patches worn by Cosmonauts in the...