Q: How do I place an order for one of your rifles?

A: For the order process, we do request all customers send us an email with your name, current state of residence, and model rifle or rifle service you’d like to purchase. Once you send your email, we will send you a detailed estimate to review & confirm before you place your order.

Q: What’s the lead time on one of your custom built rifles?

A: Estimated lead time is currently 4-6 months.

Q: What is the payment process?

A: For all custom rifle orders we typically require a 50% deposit to process with the remaining balance to be due upon completion time. If you’re purchasing a stocked item, we will require payment in full. We can process deposits with credit card payment by phone or you’re welcome to mail in a check/money order as well.

Q: How do I decide on additional upgrade options for my custom built RD rifle?

A: Most upgrade options we do offer & recommend for our production series rifles are listed in the description of each model rifle, but the possibilities for the AK platform are endless. If you’d like something that is not listed on the website, please include your specifications in your estimate request and we will let you know what would & would not be attainable.

Q: What type of gunsmithing services do you currently offer?

A: Our gunsmithing services have been limited to the available upgrade packages listed here. Please note, these are exclusive to the Arsenal & SGL manufactured rifles only.

Q: Do you ever have any rifles in stock?

A: Since our rifles are custom built to the customer’s specs, they are made to order. If we do ever have rifles that are ready to ship, they will be listed in our “Specialty Items” page on our website here.

Q: I’d sent a message to RD through Facebook/Instagram and haven’t received a response. How do I follow up with my inquiry?

A: We cannot give estimates/quotes through social media websites. Facebook and others are actively banning people for gun sales. if you ask for a price there will not be a reply and your post will be deleted. Our best method of contact is through email. Please contact us here info@rifledynamics.com.

Q: I am new to the AK platform and I have lots of questions. How do I decide which rifle will be best suit my needs?

A: We've provided lots of educational videos for all commonly asked questions from experienced & new AK users. Please refer to the links below for your research.