Rifle Dynamics offers custom gunsmith services for both ComBloc and AR style rifles.

The Kalashnikov - AK-47, AK-74, AKM - series rifles are the most prolific rifles in history. They have been produced in numbers that exceed 100 million copies by countries all over the world.

The AK-47 has been considered “the rifle of the enemy”. 

Many of our fighting professionals have discovered that the reason they are so prevalent is, THEY WORK WHEN MOST OTHER RIFLES WILL FAIL!  I have personally known people who were injured or killed because their government issued rifles failed when they were needed the most. 

If your rifle is well maintained it will do the job but there are many times the fighting rifle will be required to run long past the required cleaning/maintenance intervals. This is where the AK surpasses all other fighting rifles as it will run under the most extreme conditions. 

NOTE:  Every rifle sent to our shop for custom work will be inspected and function/test fired. If any other issues are found upon inspection the customer will be notified before any work will be started on that customers rifle. An additional charge may be required to correct any other unforeseen issues.

Customer's deposit of 50% for custom work will also include a $100 non-refundable diagnostic/inspection fee. The diagnostic/inspection fee will be applied to the customers total balance after the inspection has been completed and terms on additional services (if needed) are agreed upon.