Military/Law Enforcement Training

We try to tailor each class to the individual agencies needs. Our goal with these classes is to make your people comfortable in the use of these weapons should they ever run across them or have to use one. As you know they are quite prevalent in society these days and we feel that the need to know is there.

We have a large collection of select fire com bloc weapons for your use. I have been handling, working on and training people with these weapons for over 25 years. In a short amount of time we can bring your people up to speed on the operational use of these weapons.

We offer the classes in different formats, either 1 day familiarization training, 2-5 day Operators training and Armorers classes as well. Again we can tailor the curriculum to your agencies needs.

Whatever your training needs are Rifle Dynamics can meet and in most cases exceed your firearms training expectations.

References on request!