In 2007, Rifle Dynamics was conceived to provide fighting weapons and training for the fighting professionals.We believe your weapon needs to work every time. Anything else is simply not acceptable.  

Our rifles and machine guns are built from the best parts available. All are inspected to verify quality, fit and proper hardness. Our guns are assembled by trained professionals using the best machinery and proper tooling. Our team works under the credo, “These MUST WORK under the most extreme conditions”.

We are not a company building guns for bench rest shooting, competition shooting, hunting or other sporting uses. We build guns for fighting professionals. Period. 

When you purchase a weapon from Rifle Dynamics, we can also offer operational and armorers training. From basic training to advanced fighting skills, our staff of instructors has inside knowledge and skills that only a person who has “been there done that” would have. 

Our Combloc weapon classes have been extremely successful and highly praised by military and law enforcement agencies nationwide. You are welcome to join us at our local headquarters in Nevada, but we also can provide training wherever you are located.

Rifle Dynamics will continue to research and develop the best fighting equipment and training available to ensure that your mission will be successful…today and in our uncertain future.

Jim Fuller