Went to the range with my new RD701. this rifle is the finest rifle I have ever owned, and I have owned and used many of them. Everything on this rifle is perfect. The quality of the fit and finish on this rifle is unbelievable. Shoots like a dream and the anti-venom brake on the rifle is one things I am very pleased with.  The gun is as pleasant to shoot  as  an AR-15. Thanks for the beautiful job and the quality you put into this rifle. I will certainly be ordering some of your new offerings in the future.

- David M.

Just wanted to write a short note of thanks for providing a great resource of information for gun owners. I bought your AK Armorers Bench DVD and it is outstanding. It is clear just how experienced you are with the AK as you make it all look easy. I have watched vids on youtube dealing with the shepherd's wire and the people have such a hard time they are cursing and normally cut the vid and finish it off camera. Can't wait to see future dvds from RD and Jim.

- Randy C




Our friend Joel R. just received his RD701: "Thanks for taking care of me, this baby is perfect. Took it out yesterday, put about 600-700 through it without a hiccup. Love what you all do, keep it up."

   Thanks Joel, Enjoy!



 Well I'm back in the shop after attending the Rifle Dynamics AK Armorer/Operator Class and wanted to post a few pictures and give a quick review.

First off, huge thanks to Jim and Karen Fuller and the entire RD crew for providing an excellent training environment. They went out of their way to make us feel like family.
Day one of the class we went over nomenclature and basic function, maintenance, and common armorer modifications as well as trouble shooting. All material was presented in a easy to follow, professional manner by both Jim Fuller and Billy Cho and they had other RD employes on the floor to help out. I took one of the EVA Hellpup SBRs down that we had not tuned or tested yet. During the course it got a full action tuning including reshaping and polishing the hammer, polishing the trigger hook, and polish the rails and bolt carrier. The bolt was hanging up a little when fully pulled to the rear so I changed the angle on the bolt carriers rail guides to eliminate the problem.

Day two we headed out to the range. Jim, JB, and Calvin started with the basics, stance, grip, sighting, and loading/reloading drills before we hit the line for live fire. The first few drills were just checking the zeros on the rifles and making quick adjustments to those guns that needed it. Then on to some rapid engagement drills that got progressively farther from the target.

About 150 rounds into the drills my rifle started to fail to go into battery. I got in some rarely used (with the AK) malfunction drills and managed to keep up with the rest of the class. During lunch I mentioned the problem to Jim and he suggested that the top rails on the receiver might be to narrow and that as the gun heated up it was binding the bolt carrier. We opened it up and sure enough the carrier was binding on the left top rail. A few strokes with a flat file and we were back in business. I ran the gun the rest of the day flawlessly.

The afternoon consisted of use of cover, multiple target engagements, and more reloading drills. Mike from Single Handed Solutions even got to do some quick instruction on one handed reloading.

Much respect to Calvin and JB for hitting us with top quality training and pushing us to not only preform but to keep thinking as well. You guys did a outstanding job.

Emerald Valley Armory, LLC is looking into hosting Rifle Dynamics for this class here in Creswell if we can get enough people interested. RD needs at least 15 students to do a class on the road. Tuition should be under $500. The class Mike and I just attended was $425.

Raye Gunter
Emerald Valley Armory, LLC



"I have always had a love for the AK rifle.  When I decided to get back into them I did a lot of research as I only like to spend my money once if possible.  Jim Fuller and Rifle Dynamics kept coming up on the top of the list.  After talking to Jim I realized he, like me, enjoys quality workmanship.  It is very rare these days to find craftsmen who take genuine pride in what they do for a living.  Jim and the RD team is the exception to this rule.

To date Jim and his team have built me four outstanding rifles.  From my 1983 vintage Polish Underfolder to the Yugo Krink that goes everywhere I go, they all are smooth as silk and run like...well, like an AK should run, flawlessly.  That, combined with great looks and a smooth feel in the hand are a testament to the attention to detail Jim and the RD team pay to every gun that leaves their shop.  This is to say nothing of the accuracy I've experienced with my RD rifles.

Recently I had the chance to shoot my Yugo Krink at 250 yards.  I wasn't sure how the 10" barrel would do at that distance but after hitting a 24" gong 10 out of 10 times from the kneeling position using a red dot on the gun, I was fully convinced of how a properly built AK can shoot...accurately.

I tell my friends and clients, if you want to buy the only battle rifle you will ever need, call Rifle Dynamics.  Many have and are very happy with their decision.  Thank you for the great craftsmanship and attention to detail.  I look forward to owning many more of your creations in the years to come."

Joe Chambers, Owner/Custom Pistolsmith
Chambers Custom Pistols

I finally received my new Fuller built AK. It was on order for a year, and I was hoping that it would live up to what everyone was saying about a Fuller built rifle. Well, I received it last week, and all I can say is this rifle is AWESOME!!! It is the smoothest, best shooting rifle out of the box I have ever owned. The fit finish and smooth operation of this rifle are worth every minute of the wait to get it. If any one out there is looking to get the best rifle for the money in an AK, and are sitting on the fence, take the plunge and order one. Rifle Dynamics and Jim Fuller are top notch, I have been reading of several things they have going on to make AR's run better as well, so early next year they will be getting more of my business. Just wanted to say Thanks Jim!! You run a first rate outfit!!

Hope all is well. I have not spoken to you about the AK you built for me last year, and I just wanted to say the wait was well worth it. I have shot it several times and it far exceeds my expectations. The only issue I have now is getting it back from some fellow shooters who can't get enough. Before I was able to get to the range with it, a close friend and competition shotgun shooter asked if he could take it shoot a few boxes through it and I said sure as long as you sight in the T-1. When he brought it back, he said thanks and that he was surprised that an AK could shoot that well. This guy is extremely hard to impress. He later told me that he purchased 500 rounds of Wolf thinking he would use it up over time and/or give me the rest that he didn't shoot...well it was all gone in one day.

I can honestly say that at 200 yards (standing) I can personal hit a steel plate (13" x 20") better than 95% of the time. Some may laugh at this, but I think its pretty good (with my Maadi, I was only about 40%).
As soon as my wife finds a new job I will most likely order another rifle. Thanks again.

Dave Wollenberg

I used my Rifle Dynamics Saiga-12 to get 3rd Place in Trooper at the Fort Benning 3 Gun Challenge last weekend.

You'll see me on the outdoor channel on shooting USA sometime this spring. I was interviewed about how I like using the Saiga-12 and why mine was working when everyone else using them seemed to be having problems.


Nickel Boron and Rifle Dynamics

I was in the RD shop today having Jim and Dan do some work for me and the subject came around to the Nickel Boron coating. They handed me an AR and ask me to check out how smooth the action was. I've been deep into my AR's lately due to a rifle course I ran a couple of weeks ago. The action on the AR they handed me was so slick that it made my Bushmaster action feel like a bag of gravel. It was so smooth I could not believe it.

They then told me to take the rifle apart and check it out. So, I did. They then informed me that the rifle just had 700 rounds of Armscor shoot through it without any lubrication and that it had not been cleaned.

Now this really got me intrigued because the inside of the rifle was perfectly clean.

They then sat me down and explained exactly what they were working on and why what they were doing makes so much sense.

As many of you guys know I am not the hard core hardware guy. My claim to fame is common sense and delivering exactly what I say that I will.

Here was an AR that requires no lubrication and virtually gets no carbon build up.

I left the shop wondering if I had not just seen the solutions to so many of the problems that the platform has had in the past.

Frankly guys, I would not have believed what I saw or the guys telling me about it if it was not Jim and Dan. I consider those guys just like me.....their word is their reputation. These guys know that and live by that.

Very impressive stuff happening at Rifle Dynamaics.....again!

As Jim said, (paraphrased) "it is not about the type of gun (referring to the AK's that they build) it is about applying common sense to every weapon system."

Roger Phillips (Suarez International Specialist Instructor)

Jim had built a Polish Tantal AK74 for me recently and I had the pleasure to beat it up today, and it is lovely! I'm on vacation so no big write up with numbers, but I will say its the most accurate ak I own. The smoothest and it was super easy to dial in. Groups are super tight from the bench (haha log) and the sights are great to run and gun with which I did as well as tuning it in. I put 250 rds through her today without a problem and more tomorrow. I am super pleased to say the least.

If you don't own a Fuller, get one now. Jim you build an awesome rifle Thanks!!

This was a "from the ground up" build that Jim and the crew at Rifle Dynamics did for me. The rifle is amazing and way, way, way nicer then my Arsenal 107FR! I hope to be sending that to them soon for a little re-work.

  • Bulgarian triangle side-folding stock
  • Nodak Premium receiver
  • lightened safety
  • G2 trigger
  • Fire Control Group Retaining Plate
  • Kvar furniture
  • Cut, crown, re-thread, silver solder barrel with Wolverine flash hider
  • 16.25" overall
  • Bolton gas block
  • Parkarized with Moly-rezin on top
  • Rear site modified
  • and a general reworking of all internals

Picked up my Fuller AK today, and I am beyond impressed. It is not a step above other AK's I've used, it's on an entire different plane.

The gray color was recommended by Jim after he and I talked a bit. Yeah, we don't buy these because they are cool guns, we buy them because they are superb weapons... that also just happen to be darn cool, so looking good is good. The color and elegant simplicity reminded me of the old Harley Gray Ghost, and the name just stuck in my head. I've never named a gun before, but, this one is that nice, though I am taking the liberty of changing the "a" to an "e", because I'm funny that way.

A better review will be forthcoming when I've had a chance to give it a bit of a workout. (I never liked reports on un-fired guns, but, again, this one is just that nice).

Also, I have to hand it to the team of Mr. & Mrs. Fuller for having TOP NOTCH customer service. Running your own business is beyond hard, and they do a tremendous job of making sure everything is to the customer's satisfaction.

Jim, thank you for what promises to be the finest fighting rifle in my "collection."

RD Customer

Alright gents, Heartache started a thread about his Fullerized WASR so now I'm doing the same. When I bought this rifle for $400 late last year (don't want to even think about what they're going for now), I realized that [while it was a great bargain,] you get what you pay for. Of course, I bought it with the intention of sending it off to Jim Fuller ASAP for his WASR Rework Package.

So, shortly after getting it, I started acquiring the various parts that I wanted Jim to install. Namely, a K-Var plum US stockset, an Ultimak rail, a Blackjack SWIFT Safety Lever (no longer in production...drat!), a Krebs Trigger Pin Retainer Plate, and a set of XS Big Dot AK Sights. Once all those items were in, I shipped everything off to Jim with a list of detailed instructions as to what I wanted done. I essentially just wanted him to install all the aftermarket items I'd included and perform his standard WASR Rework Package. The only two additions/changes that I asked for were to have the Russian side optic rail removed (not gonna use it...just gets in the way) and to have black Molyresin paint applied over the Parkerization.

Two and a half months later, the rifle was back on my doorstep looking TOTALLY different than it did when I sent it off. I unfortunately did not take any "before" pictures, but here are the beautiful "after" pictures. Needless to say, I am extremely happy with Jim's customer service (he fielded several phone calls from me and took his time answering my questions and explaining what all would be done) and more importantly, his craftsmanship. Admittedly, this rifle has gone from a $400 gun to a $1200 gun...but I think the photos speak for themselves.


Well... I finally got to spend some quality time with this new piece of Fuller craftsmanship.

Those who own Fuller AK don't need to be told, but I will say this: Jim Fuller's AK's are not at the level of other TOP custom AK makers...
They are above. In a class of their own. Enough said. Get one. Or two. It will be worth every penny and then some. Most often you get what you paid for. In case with Fuller AK's- you get more for less. And I am not paid to advertise or endorse any product. I do endorse very, very few. Fuller AK's... Without any reservations.
Get it.

Sonny Puzikas (Former Spetsnaz Operator)

I received my new Rifle Dynamics AK-47 from Jim Fuller on Friday and I was immediately impressed. The fit and finish of this rifle is something to behold. I wanted a "Classic AK" and opted for the wood furniture and "old school" looks on this one. This rifle came with beautiful wood an perfect flat finish.

This is a Romanian kit hand picked by Gabe Suarez, matched to an NDS-1 receiver by Jim Fuller, featuring Jim's famous rear sight, and Jim's personal choice for furniture.

The action is smooth, slick even, running the bolt is impressive. We all know AKs are uber reliable, and built like a tank, but it is the Jim Fuller touch that turns out a smooth, performance AK. The trigger is excellent, light enough for accuracy at 100 yards and positive enough for a caveman across the room.

I played around with the rifle on Saturday and made sure I was up to speed with shoudering, cheek weld, and trigger control. Then I took it to the range today with a front sight tool and a few mags.

Needless to say, as we know Jim's work, the rifle was 100% reliable and run flawlessly with a variety of the cheapest 7.62x39 ammo I could feed it.

It was especially telling when I handed it to my wife on the 100 yard range and asked her to hit the mansized target at 100 yards. Let me preface this by saying she has never shot an AK-47 before, I told her, "The sights are just like your Glock, line 'em up and pull the trigger."

After quickly empting the mag she turned to me grinning and said "That was easy."

While we shot the AK a couple of shooters, came over to have a look, after explaining that the AK was a Rifle Dynamics, Jim Fuller custom I had an enthusiast, ask how to get a hold of Jim for a custom build!!

I am very happy with my "Fuller AK"!
If you want a true "no bullshit" fighting rifle give Jim a call.



"I watched your armorer DVD the other day it is sweet! you guys did a great job! although I hear some kind of engine revving in the background some times. what was that? I also got the PKM video that was neat. Did you build that weapon? you have some mad skills. How long did it take to put that one together? the video was cool and helped me show some guys how to operate the one at the gate here in Afghanistan. Thanks to you we have another serviceable machine gun at the gate. although we don't have a loader like you do. I'll see if i cant get pics."

This email was worth way more that the $ made from the DVD.  This is what it's all about!