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9mm Short Stroke Buffer for KP9/KR9/Vityaz

Now everybody, have you heard, if you're in the game then the stroke's the word.  RD short stroke buffer for the KP9/KR9 style of AKs to be exact.  Ever since these Vityaz clone's came to market we wanted to do something for this platform...

RD OEM Spring Kit

Springs are newly manufactured in the U.S.A to meet with our stringent specifications and standards. These are the same springs we use in our production rifles. These are great for replacing worn out springs in your AK, keep as spares, or to use in your...
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Rifle Dynamics Retaining plate

Designed to replace all other methods of pin retention.   - Black oxide finish - Skeletonized to work better with side folder rivets - Manufactured to have the most efficient strength to weight ratio - Due to slight variations in manufacturers, some...