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Krebs Ambi Safety

-Designed so that Left-Handed shooters can manipulate the safety while keeping their firing hand on the pistol grip -Precision stamped from 1mm 1050 steel and heat treated to 50C Rockwell -One-piece unit and are 100% US made -Designed to work in all...
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Krink Ultimak Rail

Replaces the Gas tube/upper handguard assembly. One-piece aluminum optic mount clamps rock-solid to barrel. This is the lightest, lowest profile, best mount available for AKs. Based on the proven and successful M1-B and M2-B UltiMAK AK mounts, adapted to...
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M4 Stock Package

Rifle Dynamics is now offering a complete "bolt on"  M4 stock adapter package for your AK.  Our M4 stock adapter kit has everything you need to replace your standard AK stock with no permanent modifications to your rifle.  Stock Adapter...

Magpul AK Pistol Grip

A drop-in replacement for AK-pattern pistol grips, the MOE AK Grip is designed to improve ergonomics and comes with an aggressive TSP texture for positive weapon control. With a one-piece reinforced polymer construction and compatibility with Magpul Grip...
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PWS FSC47 14x1LH

These FSC47s come coated in Norells Moly Resin Flat Black.  The thread pattern is 14x1LH, which is perfect for standard combloc barrels.  These muzzle devices also include a detent for your front sight detent pin. FSC (Flash Suppressing...


In collaboration with Primary Weapons Systems we have taken the already effective FSC design and made a couple subtle changes to work with our 700 and 500 production series rifles.  Together, we have changed internal dimension to aid in better use...
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