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Romanian/Polish AK 47 Full Auto FCG

Used and/or surplus parts unless stated otherwise Condition varies from fair to good ***Note: These are replacement parts for pre 86 transferables and post samples.  It is a federal offense to convert your semi-auto firearm into full auto.***

Russian Plum 5.45 Magazine

Mags cannot be shipped to CA, MD, NY, CO, CT, D.C., MA, NJ, VT, IL, or overseas.  The magazines in the photo are representative of what you might get, price is for 1 magazine. The Color, Flecks, Ink stamps and Trench Art will vary from mag to mag...

Take Off 5.45x39 Krink Barrel

These barrels are takeoffs from Factory New and unfired Arsenal SLR104UR rifles, that we have cut down and crowned to the exacting standards we are known for.  Price is for one barrel. When these short barrels are properly crowned, you don't have to...