PODAVACH Mag Range Bag

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Using a Range Bag provides you with the optimization of the amount and volume of equipment you require for your goals. Taking into account the specifics of our clients, we have released a range run for your convenience and comfort.

Storing capacity:

  • Up to 12 organized magazines/up to 3 ammo pouches
  • Loose or boxed ammo
  • Magazine Loader
  • Pistol
  • Additional range gear

Two pockets, one narrow that fits MAG LOADER AR15 + AK, MAG LOADER Steyr AUG Magazine Speed Loader or MAG LOADER SKS Magazine Speed Loader, the other one modular for personalized workspace optimization. Velcro panels make it possible to place pouches and mage holders as it is convenient for you. This individual organization of usable space is possible with rubber holders for stores, which do not interfere with the operation of stores, and allow you to quickly place and withdraw stores. Also, rubber holders do not interrupt usage of magazines with open and closed type pouches.

External Velcro on front panel for identification and moral patches. MOLLE system along the outer perimeter adds the possibility of customizing a useful package by placing additional pouches.

Despite the purpose of the range bag for transporting MAG LOADER AR15 + AK, MAG LOADER Steyr AUG Magazine Speed Loader or MAG LOADER SKS Magazine Speed Loader and additional equipment (magazines, bullets, etc.), it's versatile and can also be used by you for civilian purposes. Lightweight and convenient bag perfect for outdoor activities, organized storage and transportation of the equipment you need.

The design combines a carry bag for Bench Loader, a magazine bag and allows you to place additional equipment, ammo bags, etc.(fixed in the presence of Velcro holders), what unifies the carry bag as an element of equipment. 

Shoulder sling allows the bag to be carried over the shoulder, through the neck. Comfortable upright position of the bag on the back with better weight distribution. Carry handle for manual transportation. Paracord on locks for easy handling. Fastex fittings on slings inside of for varying the open positions in the bag (partially / completely)


  • Stress-resistant fittings 
  • Paracord straps on zippers
  • Color variability 
  • Carry handle 
  • Shoulder sling with setting
  • Velcro panel for individual adjustment of the interior space 
  • MOLLE platform on the outer profile to add useful space with pouches 
  • Morale Patch Panel 

Compatible accessories: MAG LOADER AR15+AK, MAG LOADER Steyr AUG Magazine Speed Loader, MAG LOADER SKS Magazine Speed Loader.

Color: Black,

Material: High-quality rip-stop nylon


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