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Base Price: $2300

Prices and parts are subject to change without notice, due to parts, availability and lead times.

You must correspond by email first to ensure proper communication and detailed written estimates before you call in to place your order.

***NOTE : This rifle is considered a short barrel rifle per ATF standards.  All NFA Regulations apply.  Please check your local and state laws before ordering. Contact your local ATF Field Office with any NFA questions you may have.***


  • 7.62x39 Base Rifle
  • RD Custom Front End with PWS FSC 47 muzzle device
  • 10" US made nitrided barrel
  • Tuned Action - Rails, Bolt, Carrier & Trigger assembly
  • Moly Finish over park - (Choice of color)
  • UltiMAK Scope Rail
  • Polymer handguard
  • Dehorn
  • AKM-4 Stock adapter w/ B5 System Bravo Stock or Magpul CTR Stock
  • Magpul MOE Grip
  • G-2 Trigger Group
  • Fuller Rear Sight mod
  • One magazine included

710 OPTIONS: Available at additional cost

  • Surefire Legacy/Socom muzzle device***
  • SilencerCo muzzle devices***

    ***May require additional costs for suppressor tuning

    710 UPGRADES:

      • Krebs Custom UFM Keymod hand-guard $260
      • Triangle Side-folding stock $350
      • Stippled handguard and grip courtesy of Evolution Defense Group $75/part
      • ALG AKT-EL $50
      • Custom Blended Moly Resin Color

      All RD710 SBR models feature our custom front-end work using the Generation 3 Bolton Gas Block, UltiMAK scope rail, Fuller Rear Sight, G-2 trigger group, US Palm or Magpul MOE AK grip and choice of muzzle break options.  The B5 System Bravo stock or the Magpul CTR will be the standard stock featured on the 710.  In addition, all rifles are sandblasted, parkerized, and finished with Norrells Moly Resin in your choice of color.

      The rifle shown in this picture illustrates a few possible upgrade options with the stippled grip and Krebs UFM Keymod rail system modified to fit with the Ultimak.  The muzzle break shown is the Damage Industries AK Compensator Muzzle Brake (14x1LH).