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Our M-92 is different from most krinks as it has a 10" barrel instead of the standard 8" barrel; This feature is a huge difference in ballistic performance. With the 8" barrels, the 7.62 cartridge suffered ballistically and lost much of the penetrating power it's known for. The extra 2" of the 10" barrel makes a big difference here in performance.

  • 7.62x39 Yugo Factory Parts Kit
  • Original 26mm FSB/GB
  • US made 10" nitrided barrel
  • Moly Finish over Park (Choice of Color)
  • Tuned Action - Rails, Bolt, Carrier assembly
  • Original wood upper and lower handguards
  • Dehorn
  • Triangle Side Folding stock
  • Magpul MOE Grip
  • Custom tuned G-2 Trigger Group
  • One magazine included
  • US 4 piece 26mm Flash Hider/Booster
  • Rifle come shipped in our Rifle Case w/RD Logo

OPTIONS: Available at additional cost

  • M92 UltiMAK $104
  • Custom stained wooden upper & lower handguards $100
  • Top Cover Picatinny rail $85
  • ALG AKT-EL $50
  • Stippled AK grip courtesy of Evolution Defense Group $75
  • Custom Blended Moly Resin Color

***NOTE : This rifle is considered a short barrel rifle per ATF standards.  All NFA Regulations apply.  Please check your local and state laws before ordering.  Contact your local ATF Field Office with any NFA questions you may have.***