Mag Lads magazines are a fun way of getting something custom from RD with a much shorter lead time. These made to order mags feature multi-toned lasered clasic camo patterns such as Tigerstripe, M90 Splinter, & Partisan Leto. More camo and other “out there” patterns or designs will be added/retired as the project continues. These will be fun to collect but are also a great way of differentiating your mags in a class or outing with your friends. Trust us, your friends will be jelly.

Designs & Patterns that are always available.

Tiger Stripe

Partisan Leto

Rhodesian Brushstroke

E. German Strichtarn

Sweedish M90 Splinter

Desert Tri-Color (DCU)

Polish Puma wz89

Soviet/Romanian Flowers

Czech Vz.85 Desert

Marine Frogskin

TBA: Something for Frogmen

TBA: A throwback to the 70's

Previous designs only available on holidays or for a limited time.

Limited Edition
Afgan War Rug

Limited Edition
Urban T-Block

Halloween 2022

Halloween 2021
Klaatu Barada Necktie

Halloween 2020
Covid Buisness

Christmas 2021 & 2022
Ugly Sweater

April Fools 2023

Independence Day 2022
Join, Or Die