Standard Colors

These colors come standard with every new Rifle Dynamics build & upgrade service.

Flat Black

A great finish for most standard AKs.

 You can never go wrong with Flat Black.

Satin Black

Satin Black is for those wanting

an old school shiny finish.


Our default finish. A darker grey with a slight

blued hue that resembles a nice parkerization.

Executive Grey

A classy medium grey color.

This finish really pops with black contrasting furniture.

Flat Dark Earth

A standard tan finish. Great for those

who live in desert enviroments.


Foliage is a lighter green great for

woodland type enviroments.

OD Green

An old school military standard.

A great green finish without much flash.

Custom Colors (+$125)

These colors are hand mixed by our paint crew. You won't find these colors elsewhere except on Rifle Dynamics guns.

Aircraft Carrier Grey

A grey that resembles giant warships

This finish is the flagship of our cutom greys

Black Forest

Depending on how the light hits this forest

gives off either a dark green or black hue.

Burnt Bronze

Stand out while you're blending in.

Flashy yet Tactical.

Graphite Grey

A dark metalic grey with a subtle shine.

It's real heavy metal.

Metallic Olive

A light metallic green.

Tactical yet Flashy.

Wojtek Brown

A matte bronze with a hint of red.

Named after the legendary Polish soldier bear.

Black Accents (+$50)

Black accents can be added to any paint scheme. Parts that will be painted include the guide rod assembly, Bolt & Carrier, Safety Lever, and Trigger Axis Pins.