These colors come standard with every new Rifle Dynamics build.


(RD 704 GT SBR)

A great finish for most standard AKs.

You can never go wrong with Flat Black.


(RD 703 Classic)

Satin Black is for those wanting an old

school shiny finish.


(RD 706M)

Our default finish. A darker grey with a slight

blued hue that resembles a nice parkerization.

Executive Grey

(RD 702 w/Black Accents)

A classy medium grey color. This finish

really pops with black contrasting furniture.

Flat Dark Earth

(RD 704 GT w/Black Accents)

A standard tan finish. Great for those

who live in desert enviroments.


(RD-Thunder Ranch Rifle w/OD Green accents)

Foliage is a lighter green great for

woodland type enviroments.

OD Green

(Kalashnikov-USA KR103 Upgrade)

An old school military standard. A great

green finish without much flash.


These colors are hand mixed by our paint crew. You will not find these colors elsewhere except on Rifle dynamics firearms.


(7.62 Quickhatch)

A grey that resembles giant warships.

This finish is the flagship of our custom greys.

Taco gREY

RD703 Graphite Grey

(RD 703)

A grey with a hint of tan that resembles

a certain Japanese truck brand's grey.

Graphite Grey

(RD 703)

A dark metalic grey with a subtle shine

that's real heavy metal.


(RD 504)

Depending on how the light hits this forest it gives

off a dark green hue or in certain lights looks black.


(7.62 Quickhatch w/Black Accents)

A light metallic green that is equally an eye catcher

as Burnt Bronze. Tactical yet flashy.

Ammo Can Green

(RD 703)

This green pops. A nice reference to ammo cans of

yore and green army men.

Tano #3


This light metallic tan is reminiscent of

tan anodized finishes. Shade #3 of 50.


(RD 701 SBR)

Stand out while you're blending in.

Flashy yet tactical.

Wojtek Brown

(Staff Built 13.7" on a Rifle Dynamics AR lower)

A matte bronze with a hint of red.

Named after the legendary Polish soldier bear.


From the minds of our RD Paint Crew. These custom paint schemes are real eye catchers and will really make your AK stand out. More schemes to come.


(7.62 Quickhatch)

A monster of a custom paint job. This finish invokes

all things swamp. "Choot em!"

Battle Worn

(RD 703 Classic)

For those seeking a worn-in battlefield pick up vibe.

We can swap the two colors out for any combination, just ask!

Custom PAINT SCHEMES (Call to Inquire)

Looking to make your AK one of a kind? These paint scemes are just a handful of

specialty finishes we've made for our customers over the years.

The sky isn't even close to the limit

(5.45 Quickhatch SBR)

M90 Splinter Camoflauge

(5.45 Quickhatch)

Desert Tri-Color / DCU

(RD 705)

Rhodesian Brushstroke

(Thunder Ranch Edition RD 706 w/ODS MERC Rail)

TR-Tiger Stripe

Standard for all Thunder Ranch Edition builds & classes

(Quickhatch SBR)

Marine Beach Frogskin

"Chemicals in the Water!"

(RD 705M)


"My God, it's full of stars!"

Black Accents (+$50)

A nice paint addition is our black accent paint job. This accent can be added to any standard color, custom color, or specialty paint scheme. The parts that are painted black include the recoil guide rod assembly, bolt/ carrier, safety and axis pins.