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RD/AK Shirt

Are you ready to Rock and Lock? This is the shirt for you!

RD Served Fresh

Two of our favorite things wrapped in a delicious Tee! Wear your appetite and desires on your sleeve. "ALWAYS order Animal Style."

RD One More Shot

Pretty obvious that some things are meant for each other. Well, maybe not at the same time. ;-) Vodka & Kalashnikov can warm even the coldest of hearts. Enjoy this homage to the father of the AK and a spirit that is best enjoyed with friends...

Rifle Dynamics Swag Package

There's no need to hunt around for all of your favorite Rifle Dynamics swag -- now it's available in one package. Included in the RD Swag Pack is: - An RD Discreet Logo T-Shirt - RD Multicam Range Hat - Logo Sticker Pack - 3 Rifle Dynamics Patches