Shot '24 Roundup

Shot '24 Roundup

Posted by Kyle Mazurkiewicz on 26th Jan 2024

We've been a bit busy with Shot this week so I didn't have time to write up that post on running slings on AKs so I'll be saving it for next time. Instead, I'd like to cover a few of the cool things I saw at the show. Big thanks again to FPC, The Mag Project, Dead Air, Allen Engineering, Occam Defense, Texas Weapons Systems, Evike, and everyone else who showed up to our Open House this year. Can't wait to see you at the next one.

Recreator Blanks AK-12 Parts Kit

I initially stopped by Recreator because I wanted to check out their US made Krink parts but I was surprised to find out they're also working on making forged US made AK-12 parts kits too. While not all the parts were present, they did have the muzzle device detent/baynet lug assembly, front sight gas block, gas tube/top cover hinge, and the unique rear trunnion.

On the tool side of things, Recreator will also be offering a bump rivet tool which will help out nicely with 100 series builds.

Shaw Concepts ARC Placard V3 & AK RAM Insert

These items may be a few years old now but I still wanted to highlight a great piece of AK kit from a great company, they also killed it with their first booth this year with the kitted out space suit display. Quick note, SC sent me one of the placards & inserts to test back in 2022 (shown above on the left) and I've been running it ever since. 

The ARC Placard V3 is slightly wider than most of the placards giving AK mags much needed 'breathing room' that 7.62x39mm mags don't typically get due to thier locking lugs. The RAM AK Insert also features tegris reinforcement that not only provides structure & retention but also prevents the locking lugs from tearing up the insert as I've seen with ones made solely of elastic. Lastly, the insert is not caliber specific and retains 7.62x39mm, 5.45x39mm, and 5.56x45mm all the same, I've yet to find an AK mag that it won't fit outside of 40/45 rounder 7.62x39 mags and drums, but the Shaw BFG pouch might be the solution for the latter.

The RAM inserts are also available in 5.56 AR mags, AR10 Mags, and both large and small subgun mag models. Shaw was founded by a former recon marine who's been making a ton of innovative gear that's all made here in the US and Berry compliant, I definitely recommend checking them out.

Evike / EMG & RD Quickhatch Airsoft Gun

We partnered up with Evike and their EMG brand a few years ago to produce licensed RD AK airsoft guns. Last year saw the release of a few based on our rifle models but they just released an AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) version of our Quickhatch PDW.

The Quickhatch AEG is OEM'd by LCT who makes a ton AEGs of AK variants like the AK-12, RPK-16, and AK-74M.. It's such a good recreation and has enough weight that a ton of people at our Open House on Wednesday thought it was one of our actual guns until we showed them the airsoft internals.

While it's easy to only see airsoft as entertainment, airsoft guns are great training tools for force on force and similar training. Especially now more than ever when the ATF forced Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) to cease civilian sales of their non lethal training ammo.

If you're interested in picking one up, you can order them from Evike's site (linked above), but they should be rolling out to their physical locations like our local one here in Vegas soon.

Favorite Not-An-AKPalmetto State Armory Vuk Concept Rifle

The Vuk is part of PSA's concept gun line-up. To my knowlege they're all supposed to happen eventually, but they're taking votes on what to prioritize & release first.

The Vuk is a modified version of the JAKL platform that'll accept AK magazines based off the looks of the AKV-521. What really caught my eye was the fact that they want to make it not only 5.56, 5.45, and 7.62x39mm but also 9x39mm and 12 Gauge. The latter of which keeps making me think of the DBV-12 if you ever played Battlefield 4, but we might have wait a while too see if I'm right.

Favorite Actually-Not-An-AK: FB Radom MSBS Grot (& Bullpup!)

I'm not putting the PSA X5.7 down because EVERYONE is already talking about it and this is something I've been waiting over a decade for.

Arms of America is working with FB Radom to get ATF approval to start importing the MSBS GROT, the current service rifle of the Polish armed forces that began development in 2007 and started replacing the Beryl in 2018. FB Radom has produced models in 16", 14.5", and 10.5" barrel lengths, and 5.56, 7.62x39, with .300 Blackout in development with a barrel swap just requiring the removal of a few bolts. 

Part of the MSBS Grot's development included a bullpup configuration, however, it wasn't adopted alongside the standard configuration and it seemed to have faded into the limelight. But lo and behold FB had one at their booth this year. What's cool about this configuration is, that it still uses the same upper receiver and the magazine release is at the same spot as the standard model.

There's no hard info on the ETA or price, you can at least stock up on the STANAG magazines designed for the Grot made from the same materials as the Beryl's mags.