Posted by Kyle Mazurkiewicz on 20th Jan 2024

Testing... Testing... Is this thing on?

We're quickly approaching that one event and our Open House at 6pm-9pm on Wednesday, Jan 24th, 2024. We'll have some cool people coming out to chat and show off their stuff like The Mag Project, Firearms Policy Coalition, Dead Air, Occam Defense Solutions, and Allen Engineering. Oh, and we'll have a taco truck.

We'll be showing of prototypes like the one you see above so let's just get right into it. A quick note, these are still in the early prototype phases so we don't have an ETA or Pricing on these at this time.

You're probably familiar with the "AK-Niner" if you've watched any of our friend Henry's videos on 9-Hole Reviews. What was a 'faux galil' .223 Saiga when he bought it, became an absolute beast over the years. One of the most notable upgrades was a custom Allen Engineering brake and collar to mount an AEM5 suppressor. A few months back Henry hit us up and put us in contact with Allen Engineering and we've been working with them on a collar that will fit our 600 Series 5.56 rifles.

Next up, we have two pet projects from our staff, these are both proof-of-concept builds rather than production prototypes. We'd like to ideally offer bespoke, purpose-built parts for these rather than modified existing parts.

First up is Ben's "Ridgeback" build. It's a heavily modified 10" 5.56 AK featuring on of our Quickhatch rails modded to fit a TWS Railed top cover.

Lastly, this is something people have been asking us for years, this is another Quickhatch-ish build featuring the TWS rail mod BUT in .300 AAC Blackout instead. If you're curious how quiet this thing can get, check this video we put up on Instagram.