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The latest addition to the Mag Lads family, for those who like bein' green. The same great magazines you all know in a new green color. We're starting off with the Soviet/Romanian flowers pattern with some new ones very soon. - While supplies last.



The mag themselves are commercial Bulgarian steel reinforced slab side green polymer mags.  These are not only great canvases to work on but with their steel reinforced feed lips and front/back locking lugs they make for great all around magazines.  Our crew has used these mags in different classes with some choosing to alternate these between their “go to” steel magazines.  The artwork is on both the left and right side of the magazine separated by a green front and back spine and finished off with an RD/ABSOLUTE MAG LADS engraved floor plate.


  • Made In Bulgaria
  • 7.62x39
  • 30 Round Capacity
  • Polymer Body
  • Steel Feed Lips and Front/ Back Locking Lugs
  • 7.6 OZ

*Note that colors may vary due to materials composition. Also magazine designs will start to change color and patina with use.  This is caused by the introduction of oils produced by your hands.  All magazines will be shipped in a plastic bag once burned for those who want to keep your magazines NIB.  The Floor Plates will have some oil on them to prevent oxidation but it is recommended to add some more oil sporadically to prevent further oxidation/ rust depending on your area’s climate.


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SAW 17th Aug 2022

WZ.89 'Puma' green mag

The mag is a good performer. Steel feed lips and locking lugs with a fair baseplate and a body that won't rust. I felt as though there were two shortcomings. One seems to be a common issue with these Bulgarian type mags, where they tend to not be so happy leaving the mag catch due to a bit of extra material between the feed lips. Not a big deal and could be fixed through filing. The issue I'd have with it has to do with the pattern, but it is more like a lost opportunity than a shortcoming. The WZ.89 Puma pattern is one that has an olive base with green spots on top making a lighter base with darker elements. With this print, the pattern printed is lighter than the base color of the mag so the camo is inverse and looks a little off when held up next to a legit surplus item. It isn't too offensive though and is certainly recognizable as the last-minute socialist pattern from Poland.

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